Books by J. M. Zuniga

The Diamond Mini-Series (E-Books)

Book cover for Under Ground. Teen in black dress sitting in front of waterfall
Book cover The Core. Orange explosion.
Book cover Ransom. Black with a ransom note on brown paper.
Book Cover Fusion. Black with long orange flame.
Book cover Impact. Red and black abstract art.

The Diamond Mini-Series (Print)

Book cover TDMS Collection. Brown paper on fire.

Coming Soon

TDMS Collection Volume 2

(includes Books 4 & 5)

The Praestes Series

Book cover Winter Rayne. Slightly transparent teen with long dark hair  in cream colored gown.

Gwyneth (Standalone Novel)

Book cover Gwyneth. Young woman in purple coat, scarf, and beanie. Shadow stalking her.

Nerves of Steel (Standalone Novel) 

Book cover Nerves of Steel. Woman lying on man's chest at beach.