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I have a Newsletter!

After 11 years of being in the Indie publishing industry, I've finally taken the dive and created an actual newsletter. Some of you may ask: "Well, what about the newsletter from your website?". That newsletter was actually a "shoutout" through the website host. The URL was super long and hard to share, so I abandoned it.

Now I've created a signup form and embedded it in my website. It'll work like the previous one, but now everything will be more accessible for me to see signups and analytics from the web and on the go on my phone. I can see what kind of newsletters you like and don't like, so I can send you better content.

This newsletter will go out 1-2 times a month, depending on if I have a giveaway or important book release or signing information for you.

The best part of this newsletter is being able to be in touch with everyone, including those who don't check their social media often. Like this, hopefully, no one will miss out on opportunities for giveaways.

I'm writing like mad to get a new book out to you. There will be an opportunity through the newsletter to win a copy of the new book before its release so stay tuned!

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